Hi!  We are Wil and Mariska,  the duo behind A Variety of Fruits.

Originally from South Africa, we have moved around a bit in the pursuit of fruit and to quench our thirst for adventure. In 2012 we made a big move to Mexico with our two daughters and currently, we find ourselves living, and loving it, in Valencia, Spain.

Wil photographing fruit on the streets of Lisbon.

Wil is a fruit fanatic, lover of fruit, fruit evaluator, passionate fruity and all other terms one can use to describe a person obsessed with fruit. I am The Fruit Lover´s Wife with a love for wine, netball, 100% cacao chocolate, good food and cooking.

The Fruit Lover’s wife.

A Variety of Fruits is where we talk about new and interesting fruit varieties along with whatever is happening in our life. Wil is a Horticulturist and I am a Food Scientist, which basically means we like to explore and ask questions about new fruit and food. About life.

Thanks for being here. Hope you enjoy the read!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulation Wil and Marisca i have the oportunity to met you in Mexico and i know that you really like fruits.i met your two beautiful daughters and i think the work you are doing now is interesting and also you going to teach the beutiful is life for your daughters too.
    I like fruits too and i still in investigation area and i share with you the importantance that is have information about fruits that we can consume and are over the world.


    1. Thank you for your inspiring words Alma. I am glad you are enjoying our blog. It was great to meet you, hopefully fruit will take us back to Mexico someday and we can meet again :). You are doing fantastic work there!!
      Take care!!


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